Welcome to Coach's Grill & Bar

Coach’s Grill & Bar was first established in the hometown of Emporia, Kansas in 1990. Founded by two former Emporia High School football coaches, Bob Clements and Mike Shane, the restaurant earned the name of “Coach’s.” Starting up as a homegrown business, Coach’s began in a small building with the available seating capacity of approximately 70. Three years later, another one of Emporia High’s head football coaches and Emporia State University’s football alum, Bill Cinelli, became a partner in the restaurant business.

As Coach’s became increasingly well-known throughout the city of Emporia within the first several years of its establishment, the decision was made to expand the restaurant in 1998. Creating quite the name for itself with a variety of menu items, ranging from specialty sandwiches, savory steaks, hand-breaded chicken fingers, pork tenderloins, and chicken fried steaks, as well as flavorful burgers, Coach’s became known as one of the top grill and bar restaurants in Emporia.

As business began to flourish, Coach’s moved to its current location within the parking lot of the Flinthills Mall in 2002. With expansions and relocations came another partnership with Brett Kessler in 2007.

Beginning as a small, homegrown business more than 20 years ago, Coach’s Grill & Bar continuously strives to serve those living in and around the Emporia area with the highest quality food and service to this day.